Location and microclimate

​The manor house is situated in Trześniów, in the centre of a historic manor – park complex. ‘Dwór Trześniów’ is located in the middle of a picturesque park with growing oaks, poplars, larches, limes, birches, walnuts and a few hundred years old maple – plane tree. It was built in the early 19th century by Rafał Kołłątaj – the brother of Hugon.

Dwór Trześniow Agroturystyka Brzozów


Manor House

At present we offer 2 three-bed rooms. We are trying to make them really comfortable and cozy. Also to your use, there is a fully equipped kitchen/dining room and bathroom. Rooms have their own entrance through a specious porch, windows overview to the garden which smells wonderfully in the summer and spring.


Especially for our guests, we serve our regional and delicious cuisine. Most of our meals are prepared with fresh products from local farms and our own garden. The best goods include ‘proziaki’ (special type of bread) baked on original kitchen stove running on wood, served with homemade jams. We offer full board meals, menu and times of the meals accordingly to guest’s wish. We are sure that everyone will find something special in our menu.

Wooden building located next to the manor house is a part of the manor – park complex. Cottage includes 2 three-bed rooms, fully equipped kitchen/dining room and bathroom.

Barbeque/bonfire for small organised groups

We offer roofed gazebo with hanging grate for around 20 people.



For water sports lovers, we organise kayaking trips on river Wisłok.


Sleigh rides

In the winter we organise sleigh rides, for more adventurous guests we suggest snowboarding, skiing or sled ride behind the horse.


Cycling/walks in the forest

For those guests who are not too interested in horse riding, we offer interesting cycling trips or walks in nearby forests. There is loads of hiking trails around, and an additional attraction will be meeting wild animals living in surrounding woods.


For ‘relax by the river’ seekers, we can organise fishing trips. Nearby river Wisłok is full with trout, pike and carp so everyone will definitely enjoy some rest with the rod in your hand.

To our guests use:

1. Horses – prepared for professional horse riding lessons
2. Bikes
3. Roofed BBQ gazebo
4. Volleyball court
5. Speed- badminton
6. Garden swimming pool(summer)
7. Darts
8. Table tennis

If you are looking for unforgettable holidays, Dwór Trześniów offers you a memorable stay, contact with nature, beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere. We hope that after the time spent with us, you will look back at it with a smile on your face.