Worth seeing attractions in surrounding area:

Haczów – 4 km

Unique XIV-century gothic wooden church (the oldest and the biggest in Europe).


Wzdów – 3 km

Ostaszewski Palace from early XIX century, renovated a hundred years later by an inventor and erudite – Adam Ostoja-Ostaszewski.


Roofed swimming pool „Posejdon” in Brzozów – 10km

“Posejdon” is characterized by modern technology and functionality; there are a lot of water attractions for kids and adults.

Rymanów-Zdrój 16km

Rymanów-Zdrój lies in the valley of the river Tabor surrounded by low mountains, there are several marked hiking trails leading into the hills. Rymanów-Zdrój is well known for its water, which has a high concentration of iodine and iron.


Iwonicz Zdrój 22km

Iwonicz-Zdroj is one of Poland’s oldest health resorts and spas, dating back to 1578, which was famous outside Poland already in the 18th century. The greatest wealth of Iwonicz land are mineral waters and moor mud, which are natural curative agents.


Castle Kamieniec ruins – 24km
The castle Kamieniec was built around the 13th century to provide defense of Eastern Poland from attacks of Eastern nations. Around ruins you can also admire picturesque views and Prządki – Nature Reserve with beautiful rocks.


Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno – 18km

The history of the glass industry in Krosno and its surroundings is already over five centuries old. Opened in June 2012, the Glass Heritage Centre is not an „ordinary“ museum. It is, above all, a fascinating place which makes the visitors realise how many secrets are hidden in glass and its production. Visitors can actively participate in the process of glass production and decoration.


Rural Architecture Museum in Sanok – 27km

The Rural Architecture Museum of Sanok is one of the biggest open-air museums in Poland. It was established in 1958 and contains 200 buildings which have been relocated from different areas of Sanok Land (Low Beskids, Pogórze Bukowskie, Doły Jasielsko-Sanockie). The Sanok museum shows 19th and early 20th century life in this area of Poland.


Solina Dam – 61 km

The Solina Dam is the largest dam in Poland. It is located in Solina in the Bieszczady Mountains area of south-eastern Poland. The dam is 664 m long, 8.8 m wide at the crest, and 81.8 m high. Dam’s construction created the largest artificial lake in Poland – Lake Solina, which is the best known tourist attraction of the region. Its waterside villages like Solina, Myczkowce and Polańczyk offer a lot of attractions to watersports enthusiasts. The lake’s great depth, water clarity, and mountainous scenery makes it a very popular destination for boaters.